Review - DUO

INDIE NATION - by Ange Lattanzio

HMV's guide to the world of Independent Music
Volume 6

Toronto based musicians Margot Rydall and Ivan Zilman will send you on a trip around the world with their latest CD, DUO. These arrangements for flute and guitar begin in 16th Century Italy, exploring the intricate renaissance harmonies of Frescobaldi. Next, they dance their way through the folk rhythms and melodies of Bartok's Roumania, followed by a couple of stops in 19th century France focussing on the impressionistic composer Claude Debussy.

Celtic influences are featured in the music of Turlough O'Carolan and meanwhile, across the ocean the Broadway lights twinkle over Richard Rogers 1950's New York City. And where do we end up? Where else but with the sensual stylings of Astor Piazzolla's Argentina.

From Tango to Gigue to Hungarian folk dance, this recording is stylistically diverse and well crafted. Turn it on and you'll forget about Yonge & Dundas... for a while.

May 1998