Review - DUO in Taiwan

The Canadian Jewish News - Eye on Arts by Bill Gladstone

Musicians Help Out in Taiwan

Margot Rydall and Ivan Zilman, the Toronto-based flautist and guitarist of the musical ensemble DUO were on a concert tour of Taiwan when a large earthquake struck the island on Sept. 21.

In the following turmoil, telephone and fax lines were disrupted, but Rydall and Zilman were able to set up a benefit performance in Taipei, where they had been staying in a building that sustained substantial damage.

All money raised was donated to the Taiwan Earthquake Relief Fund. They also donated some of their CDs to raise funds for the relief effort with the help of the Canadian Trade Office in Taipei.

While most other foreign musicians left the country immediately after the quake, DUO stayed. Their concerts in Taichung and Kaoshsiung were cancelled, but a gala recital in the National Concert Hall in Taipei proceeded as scheduled.

On their return home to Toronto, the band staged a benefit recital at the Beach Interfaith Drop-in Centre for victims of the quake, the worst to hit Taiwan this century.

Friday, October 28, 1999